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Friday, August 09, 2013

Charlotte School of Law Set to Move to Uptown Charlotte

Charlotte School of Law (CSL) recently made the decision to relocate to Charlotte Plaza at 201 South College Street. CSL is planning to be in transition between July 29 and August 12, 2013.

This move will put students closer to businesses and Mecklenburg and federal courts located uptown, and only one block from the city transportation hub. Charlotte Plaza is also a short light-rail stop away from Charlotte School of Law's newly opened Clinic Site at 1300 South Blvd.

The facility will include:
  • 243,000 total square feet and 32,250 square feet in the library;
  • Presence on floors 1 and 2 and entire floors 4-13;
  • 17 classrooms, 3 moot court/classrooms, 1 training/classroom, and 1 courtroom;
  • 38 study rooms and 5 knowledge bars;
  • more than 50 restaurants and shops, many inside via connected overstreet walkways, in the immediately surrounding area.

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